Facilitated Teambuilding Activity

Facilitated Teambuilding Activity

Never underestimate the power of simple effective team activities. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of spending a few days away in Switzerland with some global leaders, consultants and experts. As part of the programme we had various breakout sessions, discussions and a couple of activities, including the ‘planks’ exercise which many of you will know.

The level of conversation, connection and learning gained from this team building activity was amazing, and it reminded me about the opportunities that arise from just a simple twenty-minute team exercise – well facilitated – even at the highest level of participants.

It might seem it takes courage and conviction to put planks out in front of global risk experts, process improvement leaders, heads of departments and directors, but believe me, it worked. Trust the exercise, trust people and importantly, trust the process, and people will share, learn and improve.

Insights and reminders included:
Leadership (v followership)
Clarity of task
Process improvement
Resource management
Relationship awareness

Later, we applied these reminders and learning to project improvement, performance and risk identification and mitigation which does include people, decisions, relationships and ego.

There are dozens of these types of team experiments, team building activities and team development tasks which can be delivered purely for fun as ice-breakers and team bonding, but the same activity, appropriately delivered and well facilitated can offer very real people and team development insights leading to business improvement and process improvement.

On a final note, it’s Ok to play, have fun and explore together no matter how expert you are.