Learn how to Give and Receive Feedback effectively in this Practical Workshop, and improve trust, collaboration and performance.

Feedback from clients on this excellent half day Feedback workshop

  • ‘’The best performance team building workshop I have been on at the Bank in 20 years’’ IT Platform Director, Banking
  • ‘’This practical workshop is ideal for any part of an organisation that would benefit from more openness, trust and collaboration.  It is safe and great fun’’  Chief Commercial Officer

Why feedback matters

With businesses juggling distributed working, managers having to operate more in the unknown, on top of the constantly shifting landscape offering new challenges and opportunities, better quality communication and engagement is business critical.

Perhaps the single most powerful differentiator in here, is the ability to Give and Receive Feedback.

An organisational need.

Over many years of the Better Place to Work platform (BP2W), the lowest indicator score for every organisation using BP2W has been feedback; stats show 55% of people were unhappy with how feedback was given and yet the majority of managers felt they gave feedback skilfully.

The giving and receiving of feedback is a major issue and opportunity for organisations, and requires us to ask two key questions:

  1. How do you give feedback, so people hear your needs not criticism or blame?
  2. How do you receive feedback so people will be open to what you have to say?


Businesses want a solution that doesn’t just talk about the theory of openness, collaboration and trust, but gives them the practical how to, which is transformational and delivers results?

The workshops will develop practical capabilities in real time to give instant and future value.


  1. Create context and value of feedback, and introduce our proven ‘Steps’ method
  2. Teach and practice the capabilities for giving and receiving feedback (no role play)
  3. Facilitated ‘Feedback rounds’ where everyone invites feedback from everyone else
  4. Growing the feedback (performance) culture at work


  • The workshop offers best value for intact teams or working groups so they can develop the feedback skills together and give and receive feedback on real and current matters.
  • Ideal for 6-8 participants at any levels of the organisation


  • Half day workshop delivered virtually or face to face


  • Add in the ‘Work with Me’ diagnostic for managers and leaders
  • Ensure the conversations about needs is continued post event, using a self-managed, online 360 / 180 from the BP2W platform
  • Pre workshop 1-1 coaching calls and post workshop group coaching sessions

‘’Feedback is your educator not your undertaker’’ Shay McConnon

Tried, tested and proven, thoroughly.

Over 25 years this workshop, has been used by the likes of Siemens, PepsiCo Foods, Barclays, NHS, Environment Agency and many SMEs in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Delivered as standalone team building or performance improvement sessions, as part of wider development programmes and change such as Mergers, Rewarding Relationships, Leadership, Coaching Culture and Purpose.

This workshop will directly impact and improve WFH and Distributed Working cultures, understanding how to bring people back to work, reducing stress and improving teams and teamwork. In short, you will have much clearer understanding and insights, reduced losses, conflict and misunderstanding, and improved performance, relationships and trust. 

Case study  1: OMB, web based, c40 pax

Brief overview – Some parents struggled through working from home and home schooling, whilst other employees were furloughed. The business achieved 80% turnover goal and hit its profit target for the year, but at what cost to its hard working and committed staff? 

The business (leaders) wanted to understand the expectations and needs of employees coming off the back of a tough 12 months and a still uncertain period. They wanted to improve internal relationships that were strained, invest in the team and surface some very real needs.

The practical nature of the facilitated Feedback Workshop gave them the skills to give and receive Feedback and the safe environment for every one to ask for feedback from the team and for team members to connect with each others needs.

Quote from the workshop, ‘’the instant value from hearing peoples needs and listening and understanding them created such value for us and the business.’’

Case study 2: VC backed engineering business, c160 people

The senior team described their current situation as lacking purpose and time for strategic thinking. They noted people are all too busy – right across the business – to have the conversations that must be had and address what needs addressing. 

A recent engagement survey showed the lowest scores in their ten history and issues were highlighted in their quality audit.

The Feedback workshop was chosen as it was deemed a safe, open and time efficient method to ‘discuss the undiscussable’ and help build a culture of inclusion and improved performance. 

The initial workshop was for the senior leadership team with the view of rolling it out to their teams.

Feedback from one senior leader said ‘’I didn’t realise we could address such meaty issues so simply and effectively and solve things that have been in my mind for many months…. It’s a relief..’’

PJ Stevens Facilitator, Coach & Consultant