This powerful and engaging exploration process will help you, as leader or manager, to tap into the wealth of knowledge that exists in your business and gather key information, insights and feedback from employees – clients and suppliers – to answer key questions, unstick projects and improve business.

The value in ‘uploading’ data from the participants will identify potential pitfalls, challenges and opportunities from which management can take focused action in order to drive up performance and key indicators such as engagement , customer satisfaction and productivity and reduce missed opportunities, wasted time, potential loss of business and risks to the business.

What do we mean by Culture?

Culture is an umbrella term which includes the social behaviour and norms found in business, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups or teams. My aim is to help you harvest some of the wealth of knowledge and capability which exists in your business – which is too often untapped – and use it to answer questions, reduce potential hurdles and improve performance.

What is an Audit?

An inspection, if you like, or simply taking stock of the information and ideas available and gathering that information and making sense of it. This is done through interviews – which have a coaching conversation feel to them – with individuals to learn from them about their insights and tap into their creativity, ideas and capabilities so that that when we present the report to you, it comes with supporting narrative and ideas that are immediately of value.

This engaging interview (anonymous) process can be a standalone service or part of an end to end service to help the business – and its key asset, people – to move from ‘here to there’ more efficiently, effectively and with more purpose.

Topics clients have wanted us to delve into, in the past, include:

  • What are the challenges (and opportunities) to us growing the business by 50%?
  • What do we need to know and do, to be considered an industry leader?
  • How can we move this project forwards?

Quick wins from this service have included:

  • Connecting with a client and ‘preventing’ them taking their business to a competitor
  • Coaching staff during the process to draw out knowledge and ideas to develop the business
  • Feedback from one supplier that they were very unhappy with the relationship and intended to stop supplying the client
  • Identification of headline business needs and risks that require attention
  • (almost) Instant change in mindset, energy and problem-solving in staff

Whilst the interviews are anonymous, there are times when we ask permission to share details or specifics, enabling us to add immediate value for you and your business.


Approximately 2-3 weeks, from initial meeting to feedback, subject to your needs

Investment of time:

Directors /SLT – couple hours at start of process

Participants, 45-60 minutes each, clients or suppliers are likely to only allow us 30 mins, but may give more.

Directors / SLT feedback session, 2 – 8 hours

Ongoing investment

Subject to attention points, required actions and opportunities that are unearthed in this process, the next level of investment may be a few hours to simply share the data with participants and staff – which we suggest is important – or it might lead to in-house development sessions and training programmes, rethinking recruitment or initiating individual and coaching to mitigate potential pitfalls and improve performance.

The 2-3 week process in outline:

Step 1.

Meet (F2F or Virtual) with Directors, SLT or Project Leaders for discussion and information gathering. This is very valuable piece of work in its own right as it helps senior teams reach agreement about needs to change and will clarifying thinking and commitment. The session is a tough mix of discussion, interview and team coaching.

We will gather insight into business, history and ‘future’ and get a good understanding of why the change, improvement or project is important. For example, you may have tried to ‘unstick’ a project before or perhaps the business has experienced unsuccessful M&A in its past which staff know about and which might have an influence over the coming changes.

Agree the Topic (Change) for interviews and some initial questions that the SLT or Board want to know answer to.

Step 1.1

Agree group of interviewees. Sample might be:

12 employees plus 3 clients and 3 suppliers or partners

Client to invite participants and manage

Step 2

Meet with participants (F2F or Virtual as required) from the sample. Interviews are anonymous.

Suggest 6-7 interviews per day.

Step 2.2

Write up interviews, gather data and make sense of information, innovative ideas, challenges and potential solutions.

Prepare in simple useful format with supporting (anonymous) or direct information if agreed.

Step 3

Share feedback with you

Option 1              Share in short meeting with Board / SLT

Option 2              Share during an away day, giving time to understand, discuss and identify actions

Step 4

Available to support you where and when appropriate with interventions, coaching and workshops, to help your people, teams and business move from ‘here to there’.

Step 5


Lets get started.

If you want to get started, we can do an initial discussion, free of charge and with no commitment from you to continue, to get a sense of the business and activity or project that requires attention. I will offer a free 90-minute online meeting with two leaders or directors, to begin the process. If after this you want to continue with the Culture Audit thats great, if not, we can ‘shake hands’ and walk away. These 90-minute sessions, when sold as standalone products, are charged at £750 plus VAT.