Who is PJ Stevens?

If I had to sum up my business style...


I am excited and motivated by purpose, unearthing your purpose, helping to enable and deliver the purpose. People need and thrive on purpose. Aligning people behind a common purpose can yield enormous return on investment for purpose led organisations, their clients and the communities they operate in.


Innovation is about having the freedom to think and feel, to be creative, to challenge, take risks, improve and make progress. I like to help by innovating in the space I’m in and I enjoy the responsibility of Innovation, the potential and payback it offers those involved at the individual, business and global levels.


I seek commercial success, change and results. Its important for me to be of commercial value to clients, which can be personal or business growth, financial results, Olympic medals, Premier League wins, culture change or impact on society, and I like to be and feel rewarded in the process, too.

PJ's Words

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