PJ Stevens is a board advisor, executive coach, consultant & facilitator

Committed to nurturing your BUSINESS Ambition

Committed to nurturing your TEAM Ambition

Committed to nurturing your PERSONAL Ambition

Committed to nurturing your SPORTING Ambition


















Facilitation is a proven and widely embraced way to help groups or teams to work through matters of interest, activities, problem solving and strategy. Facilitating events, workshops, board meetings and activities is my ‘bread and butter’.

Few clients employ me for the fun of it. Most want some sort of change, be it culture, performance, productivity, engagement, customer experience, brand value, a change in investors, an M&A, demergers or a successful change in leadership




Business improvement is far too important to be left solely in the hands of just a few people with that title on their card. I believe improvement needs to be in the DNA of businesses if improvement is to be sustainable.


My colleagues and I have been delivering team building, team development and facilitated team workshops for over 25 years. We offer conference ice-breakers to sailing teambuilding, motorsport and structured team development sessions.



Clients who have benefitted from my Coaching include Olympic medal winners, business leaders, executives, teams and project groups from across a variety of industries and markets including finance, football and fashion.

Creating a culture, or environment, where people can flourish and be at their best will yield significant changes and results, improving performance, engagement and value, whilst reducing loss, missed opportunities and potential risks.



I work with clients at the Individual, Team and Organisational level to identify and understand needs, and effect required changes. Organisational change projects I work on include culture, productivity, behaviours and risk.

Whilst I am primarily people orientated, I am experienced and qualified in the use of many profiles such as MBTI and SDI, analytics, measures and instruments including MAE, our award winning business diagnostic to help clients improve the business journey.



Purpose is one of my values, and, like many others I am motivated by it. Identifying and empowering Purpose in your people and business will greatly improve the culture, behaviours and performance, whilst saving you time and money.

Leadership is something that runs through much of what I do for clients, from individual coaching of Executives to improving leadership behaviours across the business, from identifying and reducing risk to improving project performance.



Risk is as much about behaviours, beliefs, assumptions as it is about floods and politics for me. I can help you identify and understand potential risks, hurdles or pitfalls to any project or change before impact, saving you resources and driving up performance


You can choose to use external models, such as Formula 1, to help improve excellence or we can work with you to identify excellence within your teams and individuals, helping you model it and ‘Enable Excellence’ across the wider teams and business.




Supporting clients before, during and after conferences, to maximise value, is still one of my simple and powerful business offerings. I can help with messaging, alignment, purpose, delivery and facilitation of conferences to great effect.


Over the years I have facilitated workshops, board meetings, virtual training workshops (Webex), away days, team events and Open Space sessions and in over a dozen countries, for the likes of HSBC, Dior, BMW, Lockton and Bunzl.




Helping you and your team to develop and deliver a plan of action, with purpose and clarity, in the right way, by engaging, empowering and mobilising staff is one of the most rewarding projects for me, and a proven valuable activity for you.


Most of the value I add, comes in the people elements of the change – mergers, acquisitions and demergers – by tapping into the innovation and knowledge which exists in your business to reduce the likelihood of failure and add significant value.